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  1. I guess I made the assumption that an emergency worker has the good judgement to decide when the risk of taking a life outweighs the potential to save a life.
  2. Firemen aren't supposed to speed when they respond to a fire call. I wouldn't mind if they speed if the fire was at my house. Maybe they were texting relating to their work regarding an emergency they were on. I can excuse that. Shouldn't be personal texting though.
  3. The morellis in penfield is different owner than one in brockway
  4. Sign for show in big run on saturday
  5. Inmates have a right to be be free of inhumane treatment and includes cruel and unusual punishment. I'm sure hard labor would be twisted by some to be cruel and unusual punishment. Also inmates have the right to have long term health care and nutritious meals every day. On the taxpayers dime of course. If someone takes a life, their life should be taken in turn. Even then, the state has to have methods of execution that are humane. So the killers have sweet dreams before their hearts stop. Maybe these killers should be put to death with the same method they killed the victims. Remember them, the victims.
  6. I didn't think a property owner actually owned a cemetery. The individual plots in the cemetery are owned by the family of the people buried there. If a cemetery is in your property, the cemetery never sales only your land around it. At least that was my understanding. However, I don't know if people who want to visit a cemetery have a deeded right of way into it. That could be up to land owner to grant access.
  7. You are right I was amiss when I stated the mayor. My apologies. I can tell you who the mayor is without looking it up. The shopping cart dilemma still starts with the stores to clean up. If the stores don't want thieves prosecuted, then the shopping cart bounty might be a good idea as someone else mentioned in an earlier post.
  8. I don't think the stores are too worried about it, more of a nuisance to the city. If an elderly person takes a cart to haul away groceries to their residence within walking distance of a store. They leave the cart outside the residence until they go to the store again and just use same cart over again. One night a hooligan takes the cart outside the residence and throws it in a creek. Who's fault is this? Who stole the cart? Who littered?
  9. Could be, that still means stores aren't worried about it cause it isn't theft.
  10. Very odd why the mayor puts it on the general public who sees someone pushing a cart off store property to call police. That still doesn't mean the person gets arrested unless the store wants that to happen. I think if would be more reasonable, if the stores are worried about the thefts of their carts, for the stores to call police. Then look at surveillance footage of the thieves. Then find their names by the credit cards they used to pay for their purchases before they left with the cart. Unless of course, they paid with cash they may get away with the theft of a cart. It boils down to what the stores want to happen.
  11. Cops need a willing victim to prosecute a crime. If stores aren't going to report it, nothing cops can do about stealing carts.
  12. Lanagers in Clearfield along river road. Chris the owner is a nice guy.
  13. The number of kids to pick from is the foundation of any sport. The more kids, the more talent. Double the kids, double the talent on average. Dubois has about half the talented kids as state college in an average year. You can close the gaps by training hard. You may have a year or two where the small school has a few exceptional athletes and win. You can tell yourself you have a chance. But overall, mostly year after year, the smaller school will lose. Doesn't matter if Mike Tomlin is the coach.