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  1. I just took a screen shot of this so i dont forget. This will be supper a day this week.
  2. I use that too and never thought of using buttermilk. Great idea.
  3. Why was it so awful. Right in town, lots of parking, right in a popular plaza..
  4. We used ours yesterday. Free pizza and breadsticks.
  5. Glad we got papa johns for dinner. Just sae their post and they are now closed as of right now. They didnt have enough food to stay open till Sunday
  6. For some reason my stomach never agrees with Fat kids so we quit eating there.
  7. Papa Johns pizza and breadsticks
  8. Actually the toppings..except the pepperoni are baked with the pizza. Once in a while they will put a topping on an already baked pizza and toast it in the oven but typically when u order its baked on it. I worked there right out of high school when Dick Shaffer owned it. His daughter Jodi owns it now. The pepperoni is only baked on by request but most people dont ask.
  9. I know 3 of the families on here. I will have to ask them how this guy was.
  10. Ive never had bad pizza there and we get it pretty much weekly.
  11. Im having that issue too.
  12. Us too. I wonder why. They havent been here to long. We love their pizza.
  13. I hope not. We have that pizza a lot.
  14. You better call poison control