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  1. Dubois Flights to Pittsburgh and Baltimore

    It depends how you book it. If you book the two flights separately, unless you speak to the agents when you check in, you probably have to recheck it. ALthough if you try to book it through a travel site, it becomes much more expensive.
  2. So, Dunkins is coming...

    Aegis has an awful location. Was really disappointed with their smoothies too. Made from a powder.
  3. Canadian health care wait times

    I wait six months to get into the dentist for non emergency
  4. Steel, Coal, is Healthcare next for rural areas?

    That was your employer's choice. I got great insurance and still have it through my employer. We paid more for parking at the hospital than it cost for my wife to give birth.
  5. Steel, Coal, is Healthcare next for rural areas?

    Riiiight and that "tax reform" only benefits one set of people.
  6. Steel, Coal, is Healthcare next for rural areas?

    The rich are getting all the tax breaks in this bill. Don't try to change the subject as you always do. You don't seem to care about health care jobs. Only some other mythical good jobs.
  7. Steel, Coal, is Healthcare next for rural areas?

    So you would rather have your taxes be given to the top 1% than to health care programs? Seems to me business are flocking to Pittsburgh. College World Series is coming to DuBois PA for goodness sakes. Give me a break. Everyone knows austerity doesn't work. Look what happened to Europe, Kansas, Louisiana.
  8. Steel, Coal, is Healthcare next for rural areas?

    You don't understand how debt works in government number 1. 7 nobel Economists have come out against the BHCA. I care that my kids will have health coverage that won't bankrupt them.
  9. Steel, Coal, is Healthcare next for rural areas?

    There are so many things wrong with what soccermom says I don't even know where to start. People that couldn't get insurance have it now. People who had insurance before are covered for many many more things than previous coverage. Services at Penn Highlands have not been reduced at all. They have more services available than ever before. Not to mention multiple QCares, with more in the works, and a retail pharmacy. Like has been said, they are the second largest employer in the area. Many of you are always griping about lack of jobs in the area. The hospital provides many many good jobs with benefits. A lot of jobs will be lost and then you will mad when people have to be on unemployment and leave the area to find another job. Even people with insurance plans from their employment are going to lose their insurance or are going to have much worse coverage than they have now.
  10. Swim Lessons

    Thank you very much all!
  11. Swim Lessons

    Does anyone know where and when swim lessons are being offered this summer? I haven't been able to find any information on them Thanks
  12. SM, can you give the snarky attitude a rest? We are all pretty sick of it.
  13. Also please explain how this is all Elizabeth Warren's fault? lol She hasn't been in government very long. Also, genetic engineering in food has been occurring since the 1940's. If you are not already aware, read about semi-dwarf wheat.
  14. Galliker's Dairy Lays Off 11 Farmers

    Milk costs more than gas.
  15. Galliker's Dairy Lays Off 11 Farmers

    If you want to support the farmers, buy more milk! not less