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  1. Advanced Disposal Landfill Collapse

    I would think so
  2. Redneck DooBwa Chickens

    Sorry, been out for a few days. Yes, mine are big enough to go in, but I'm holding them until October. They will be going in with an active rooster, so they need to be of breeding age before I introduce them. 3 on 4 is good odds. The fact that there are almost as many new ones as old ones will help. I've heard of some people keeping them in the same pen, but separated by a fence for a few days, but in your situation I would go with a straight introduction. Put them in the coop one night, then let them wake up with the older girls the next day. That always works best for me. There will be some chasing and pecking, but shouldn't be anything violent. Sometimes they even get along. You will probably have to usher the new ones into the coop at night for the first few days until they get comfortable
  3. Good Books

    The Glass Castle makes me mad. It was so, so close to home. Great thread
  4. Good Books

    If I would read as slow as I talked I'd live forever
  5. Good Books

    I forgot all about Sandford. Yes, I read all of the "Prey" books. Lucan Davenport is a great character. I'll have to check out Griffin
  6. Good Books

    Have you read the "Dexter" series? Much different than the TV show
  7. Good Books

    Speaking of Hillbilly Elegy, for anyone that had a less than ideal childhood, check out "The Glass Castle" by Jeanette Walls. That book hit so close to home for me that I found it hard to read, but couldn't put it down. Rex Walls was my dad. A larger than life character who promised the world to a child, but couldn't shake his own demons. That's a powerful book if you have daddy issues
  8. Good Books

    Hillbilly Elegy is great, and it explains how a redneck from SC could find some kinship with Yankee Steelers . My only problem with that book was he was a little too forgiving... I'm a huge Patterson fan, I've read the entire Cross Series twice. I haven't read Black Book yet, I will have to check that out. Before Patterson, John Grisham was my go-to binge reading author. A few of his non-lawyer books, like "Calico Joe" and "Playing for Pizza" are really good. I really like recurring character series, and my aforementioned OCD makes me read them all in order. After finishing the Cross series, I got hooked on a couple of spy type characters. The Mitch Rapp books by Vince Flynn, and the Gabriel Allon series by Daniel Silva. If you are interested in Middle East type covert operations with a little history (albeit from one viewpoint), then both of those are great series. The Rapp books are more well written, and is the only series I recommend reading out of order. If you start with "American Assassin", that is the recruitment and training of Mitch Rapp.
  9. Advanced Disposal Landfill Collapse

    Just in the last week I've heard a lot of people talking about this, people that wouldn't normally know. Local inspectors, haulers, and operators. People are asking if regulations will change because of it. A lot of us hope they do. I think the whole industry is waiting for the results of the investigations
  10. Speaking of teslas..

    As a construction worker, I'll say Lindsey hit the nail on the head. I've had to do construction in active parking lots, so we would drop cones overnight. If anyone was parked there, they were bypassed, and the cone was placed as soon as they moved. You don't want a cone behind their car because you want them to move, not block them in
  11. Accepting Feedback on Updated Forum

    I have to pass along this suggestion, and I wish for all the world I had come up with it, but I have to give the credit to Watoos. It's genius. Under the new "reaction" button, could you replace the hearts with a log? You know, for the fire ring?
  12. Speaking of teslas..

  13. Accepting Feedback on Updated Forum

    I was just joking. Lord knows no one in the debate forum ever had a reaction
  14. Accepting Feedback on Updated Forum

    I'm kind of torn on the new like button. It's cool to have all the new emotions to show, but getting a notification that someone "reacted" to something I said just seems so...aggressive
  15. Apparently Amazon has a few kinks to work out with the drones