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In Topic: Where is Bon ?

Yesterday, 08:47 PM

peanut butter hot dog? Ewe.

They served them at Community Days with grape jelly.

In Topic: Who's got chickens?

Yesterday, 05:16 PM

State College allows chickens. If they can write a ordinance allowing them then a rural area should be able to.

Penn State is an agricultural college. How could State College possibly ban chickens? You hit it at the right time of the year when the college spreads its manure the whole town smells like down on the farm.

In Topic: Where is Bon ?

Yesterday, 05:12 PM

We also made national news for the peanut butter hotdog and the person who kicked out a window in a police car in, I think, Burger King's parking lot.

In Topic: Where is Bon ?

Yesterday, 02:49 PM

Keep reading and you will learn that APBs go out for wayward cows and horses, the police have to take care of bears that decide that an all you can eat food bar is available in the city and what they put down on high school fields is a major concern. We complain about a school system that probably puts out a better product than most major cities and mostly if someone gets shot it has something to do with a rifle and a four footed critter. Oh, and school hamburgers that are gross. Did I forget anything?

In Topic: Who's got chickens?

21 February 2017 - 09:52 PM

Know someone who gives non-laying chickens to the Amish because she is too sentimental to kill or eat them. I'm sure they take good care of them until they die of natural causes. :rolleyes: