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In Topic: Brookville Little League President Arrested On Drug Charges

Today, 03:28 PM

What an idiot.

In Topic: Accident - 93 Westbound - I-80 --- Exit 97 CLOSED

Today, 03:23 PM

Truck traffic on 322 too.

In Topic: I'm happy

Yesterday, 07:54 PM

Hopefully this is your "open window!"

In Topic: 10 Germiest Things In The Grocery Store

Yesterday, 11:03 AM

Many bars and restaurants now have hooks to put your purse on to keep if off the table/bar.  I cringe when I see a purse on a bar or table.

My other pet peeve about germs is people licking their fingers.  Went to bank on Friday and the teller kept licking her fingers while waiting on me EW! EW! EW!  I don't want your spit on my stuff!!!!  I emailed the bank months ago about this, but apparently they have done nothing.  It is disgusting.  I will be avoiding that teller in the future.

I have also seen cashiers lick their fingers to separate bags.  No bag for me, thank you.  I will just carry my stuff without your plague.

In Topic: Kings Family Restaurants Suddenly Close 5 Locations Including Altoona

Yesterday, 10:54 AM

Yep!  Rolls and pie and call it dinner!